And That Is Just the Starting Point

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I spent 12 years in the corporate and legal world before realising that my career path would not make me happy, rich, or free.

In 2020, I leaped and started a business based on the principles I have outlined below. It has not made me rich yet, but I am significantly happier and freer.

A critical point in my journey was to notice that it was possible to earn money outside traditional jobs. The decision to leave a safe path is made easier by knowing that you will still pay your rent.

I want this guide to be practical and…

Why Our Advisors Cannot Be Trusted

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The Code of Hammurabi is one of the oldest corpus of written laws. It is also often quoted because of its extensive application of the lex talionis (“an eye for an eye”) to punish the transgressors of these norms. One of its well-known injunctions states that “If a builder builds a house and the house collapses causing the death of the owner of the house, the builder should be put to death”.

A brutal, gruesome and disproportionate punishment for our current standard of civilisation. But we are too quick to label this extreme form of retribution as a primitive remedy…

DISCLAIMER — This article does not represent or constitute financial advice and it is intended for educational purposes only. Please always perform your own research and due diligence and seek independent financial advice tailored to your own individual circumstances. Not only I am not qualified to provide such advice, but I left my comfortable and well-paid job to sell cameras over the internet and to write about things I care. All my assessments and decisions should be heavily questioned.

The Scottish historian John Major wrote in 1521 that “[Robin Hood] permitted no harm to women, nor seized the goods of…

Simple Rules to Grow and Protect our Wealth

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I have always been interested in the topic of investing because of the higher returns that capital can create compared to labour, a fact now popularised by Thomas Piketty in his tome ‘Capital in the 21st Century’.

In very simple terms, investing is the only way out of life’s continuous toil and the only possibility to retire above the poverty line. Work alone will not get us there.

Several books have been written about the topic of investing and the suggestion is to pick up anything written by successful investors like Ray Dalio, Warren Buffett, Peter Thiel, Benjamin Graham or…

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Many dream of starting a business but only a few actually follow through. Trading a secure but often unhappy job for a life of exciting uncertainty is probably one of the most difficult and stressful decisions of our lifetimes. Little did we know that what seemed to be a life-changing moment was just the beginning of an even more testing and challenging path.

Don’t be fooled by the luxurious and hedonistic lifestyle of your favourite Instagram influencers. Starting and running a business requires hard work, grit, and resourcefulness, in addition to competence, excellent customer service, a profitable idea and luck.

How a successfull business can disappear overnight

“We understand this may be inconvenient, but we’ve identified a possible discrepancy with the information provided at registration and need your assistance. Until we’re able to resolve this matter, your account will remain restricted and you will be unable to buy/sell items, or engage in member-to-member communication”

It’s 3.24 AM on Thursday when eBay sends me this message. Since then all my listings have been removed, I cannot create new ones and cannot send nor receive messages to customers or prospects. I have been selling on eBay since 2019 with over £100,000 in annual revenue. …

Why we are so unhappy at work and how to fix it

A sense of relief. Like having something heavy finally been lifted from our chests.

This is what resigning from a job often feels like. We feel liberated, happier and healthier. Our colleagues and friends say we now smile more and even our posture has improved.

We have all experienced directly or indirectly this metamorphosis during our career and yet we have come to accept it as a natural part of the process. To me, the idea that for many the happiest moment of their working life is the end of that arrangement is concerning and depressing.

Something very bad must…

How to check if your career is truly progressing

Determining if your career is going in the right direction is a rather simple process but many of us have been confused by all the noise our society and media produce on the topic.

Let’s start with the beginning of your career. You are fresh out of school\university and you are worth nothing (not as a person, but as a piece of the organisation you are entering into). You are clay to be moulded, maybe of the highest quality, but still without a shape, valuable skills and experience. This is the time when you have to give. You have to…

The inevitable rise of Super Apps in the Western World

He who controls the spice controls the universe.

Baron Harkonnen, Dune.

It would be a mistake to think of Amazon and Facebook as operating in different domains or markets.

Both companies are after the same resource — Us, the people. And how accurately these companies can capture our attention, devise our preferences and anticipate our behaviours are critical to their ability to sell products or serve targeted ads.

Short of regulatory interventions, none of them would stop their expansionary plans. If a company knew everything about us we wouldn’t have…

A group of retail investors, inspired by a trader wearing a bandana and a kitten t-shirt, organised themselves to squeeze a bunch of hedge funds. We all cheered them on and basked in the institutional investors’ pain.

The former president of the United States instigated a mob of fanatics to storm the Capitol, wrecking havoc and causing the deaths of several people. We were horrified and supported the decision to ban Donald Trump from every platform and his followers to be prosecuted.

Why did we feel differently about these two events? …

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